Gabriel Angelini-Knoll

Groupe de Travail on the chromatic Nullstellensatz

We are organizing a Groupe de travail on the paper The chromatic nullstellensatz by Burklund-Schlank-Yuan at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord in 2022-2023.


October 20th

Introduction to the seminar by Christian Ausoni

November 24th

Spherical Witt vectors by Victor Saunier

December 4th

Lubin-Tate theory by Jordan Levin

December 15th

Detecting nilpotence by Gregory Ginot

Janurary 19th

Examples of detecting nulpotence by Geoffroy Horel

February 23rd

The main theorem: the height zero case and outline of the proof by Tasos Moulinos

May 4th

Chromatic height of Algebraic K-theory of Lubin-Tate theory by Gabriel Angelini-Knoll


The main theorem: the higher height case by Christian Ausoni