Gabriel Angelini-Knoll

Algebraic K-theory

This website contains the course notes and additonal references for 19243901 Algebraic K-Theory.

Current Complete Course Notes

  • A brief introduction to algebraic K-theory pdf

Lecture Notes

  • Lecture 1: The Grothendieck group. pdf

  • Lecture 2: The Whitehead group. pdf

  • Lecture 3: Milnor K-theory. pdf

  • Lecture 4: Simplicial Methods. pdf

  • Lecture 5: The +-construction. pdf

  • Lecture 6: Quillen's Theorem A and Theorem B pdf

  • Lecture 7: Covering spaces and classifying spaces of categories pdf

  • Lecture 8: Waldhausen's S-construction. pdf

  • Lecture 9: The Additivity Theorem pdf

  • Lecture 10: A universal property of Algebraic K-theory pdf

  • Lecture 11: The fibration Theorem pdf

  • Lecture 12: The Q-construction pdf

  • Lecture 13: Resolution and Devissage pdf

  • Lecture 14: Localization pdf

Additional References

  • The K-book. Charles Weibel. link

  • On the Cohomology and K-Theory of the General Linear Groups Over a Finite Field. Daniel Quillen. link

  • Higher Algebraic K-theory I. Daniel Quillen. link

  • Algebraic K-theory of Spaces. Friedhelm Waldhausen. link